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EL4kids is dedicated to assisting vulnerable children and families affected by trauma during the fostering and adoption journey. We provide social and emotional tools, such as art and storytelling workshops, to foster healing and growth. Our "Family Matters" kit facilitates meaningful conversations and enhances family bonding. We aim to serve your mission of helping these children by addressing issues like hurt, hang-ups, and fear...while promoting attachment-rich interventions. Through art therapy, family games, and engaging family books, we help children heal and build a brighter future. Your support through purchasing books, financial contributions, or volunteering can make a significant difference. Join us in being a guiding light and driving force for change in our communities. 

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SABA Book Awards - Audience Winner 


Kaelen Felix, the illustrator has won Best Illustrator for our book. Carol Gravante was also nominated as well and made it on the shortlist for Best New Author !

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In this exciting sequel to the heartwarming fable, "Freddy the Foster Frog Finds a Friendly Family," Freddy, the little frog hero, gets adopted by a kind and wise woman named Elinor. This story was actually inspired by a real-life friendship between the author and Elinor. Elinor becomes a loving mentor for Freddy, showing him what it means to be loved by God and part of a family.

As Freddy settles into his new home, he has a hard time because he's still scared and finds it difficult to trust others. He had a tough time with his previous family who didn't take good care of him. But as he faces his fears and starts making friends with his new siblings, something amazing happens—he learns how to express love! Along with the old friends like Yankee and Rex the dogs, Sue the beautiful owl, and Junior the baby frog, new characters come into the story.

The family has lots of fun together and grows closer during their wild family nights playing the game "Family Matters." And when Freddy feels ready, Elinor officially becomes his mother through adoption. They celebrate this special day by planting an oak tree, marking the day they became a forever family.

Throughout the story, the beach and their home become symbols of the light and happiness that Freddy finds in his new life. The story comes full circle at the beach, where the family is happiest. The important lesson of this story is that, with faith and help from God, Freddy builds a foundation of love that helps him overcome fear and loneliness. He learns how to trust Elinor completely and express his love openly.

So, join Freddy on his incredible journey as he learns about love, family, and overcoming his fears. It's a story that will warm your heart and remind you that love and trust can make all the difference in the world.

Freddy The Foster Frog

Finds A Friendly Family 

Dive into a World of Possibilities: 

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Freddy the Foster Frog and discover how EL4Kids' innovative therapy tools can revolutionize your approach to fostering connections and building strong families." 

This fabled story with a “twist of rhyme,” is something 

you’ll not often find. 

Animals and rhymes are used to create a very safe place, 

to explore deep emotions and seek God’s grace. 

To safely look through a troubled past, 

we highly suggest you not go very fast. 

The slower you go and the deeper you dig, 

those hurting splinters are big like a twig. 

It’s much easier with animals and rhyme, 

to dive into painful memories one at a time. 

This story is about Freddy, the little frog with a troubled life, 

and how kind, old Elinor saved him from further strife. 

While reading this story, you might find yourself 

wandering on your own rabbit trail… 

So, let the story lead you so God’s plan can prevail. 

As memories arise, you can heal from the past, 

and become free from the pain that won’t last. 

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This is an incredible true story


Freddy and His new family heal through LOVE and pay it forward



Discover a World of Healing and Joy: EL4Kids - Empowering Foster, Adoptive, and Advocating Hearts Through Creativity!


Our Focus

Freddy The Foster Frog 

 The Book, The Purpose, The Effect

These fabled stories, with a twist of rhyme, stimulate your imagination. They are a window, a door, or a mirror to reach into your life, or a loved one’s life story ... 

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Parents, Teachers, Group Leaders: You have the opportunity to shine a light of hope and make a big difference in the lives of others. We hope you will take the story and help others find needed answers.  Help children (and parents) find ways to heal hurts, hang-ups, addictions, and fears  ...


You may encourage adults to help 

in many ways and spur involvement to help children. If you would like to volunteer, send us an email to explore the opportunities. 

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