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Online Zoom Family Workshop

Join Carol for a “Create a new chapter “Zoom Meeting” where real life topics are discussed. Create and publish your own chapter. 

The thought-provoking conversation starters based on Freddy’s Fable

This gives you a chance to discover the “why” …meanings and motivations in all of the character's path to healing. See how God can help in situations…

This story is a conversation starter. We “glance” at the problem or challenge in the characters’ lives but don’t thoroughly explore them, leaving room for your “Rabbit-trails” to think about your life story. Can you imagine for a minute this story leading to your healing...your feelings of love and acceptance growing and healing based on God’s love and what He thinks of you?

The Workshop Comprehension Questions Description is Included in 

The Family Matters Support Kit.

Educators: Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum, matching the State Standards available upon request. Info@EL4KIDS.ORG


Advocates: Think about “Why” AND “How” in all six chapters.  And think about how our tools can help.





A Guide For Individuals and Families 

We hope that all who read this story find needed answers to include how to heal from hurts, hang-ups, addictions, and fears based on any past situation that has caused a trauma effect. I hope this helps friends who have experienced any kind of homelessness or abandonment. CPTSD, Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is real, no matter if you are a baby or 93 years old.


We highly suggest that foster or adoptive children not hear the narrative repeatedly brought to their attention. “You are broken and we are so sorry. We will do our best to care for you and it will be a hard road.”


Please read the “Parent’s chapter,” where Elinor learns that it continues to be a ‘generation to generation’ abuse problem.  This is spoken about in adoption school and in many of the children, this is the case. However, children believe what they are TOLD. There is no doubt that it will be a hard road but the Love from God can and will change things as they are repeatedly encouraged and spoken highly of.


You may be encouraged to help foster/adoptive families in many ways and spur involvement to help children.

1. Open up your home to foster or adopt.

2. Baby-sit for a foster family or cook, clean, shop, or laundry.

3. Bring a meal to the family.

4. Investigate how you can mentor and tutor the children in foster care.

5. Pray always for the children in foster care and those needing a forever home.


EL4Kids provides:

Read aloud workshops/support groups to groups in schools, churches, group homes, libraries, special needs families, families of all shapes and sizes. Etc.

Encourage adults to help spur child involvement…helping the ‘one-another’. Unifying the advocates is important!

Encourage Family Communication 

Catch & Release Game

Available in Family Matters Support Kit 

This activity helps families to see the good in others. This encourages families to model and practice positive character traits as everyone knows they are being watched.

Available as a PDF download 

For detailed instructions on the game…download this and the page of frogs.  See the download below.

Directions: (brief)

         and put a name on the back and put in a green gift bag.

Detailed instructions of game…download this and page of frogs

Click on pdf to open and 

download or print.

Catch and Release Activity Instructions.pdf

Encourage Family morals & decision-making abilities:

“Family Matters for Life” Game 

This game is the focus of Chapter 4 of Book 2. Children are more and more resisting ‘family time’, not winning and losing well, and choosing to spend their fun time on their online games. This game is set in an Everglades swamp, full of fun and dangerous obstacle course. It is an ‘awareness’ chapter to open the eyes of both the parent and the child. The game cards are fun questions that encourage conversation concerning decision-making for the present and the future. Fun activity cards are also included. Adults are encouraged to also spend time with their children in online game time.

Board Game Coming Soon ...

Speaking engagements & Corporate workshops are available. 

Encourage family fun with positive activities.

Family matters support groups/workshops for all ages.

Meet Freddy the Foster Frog ! 

Topics Include: 

Answers to crossword puzzle in book 1