Carol Gravante, President of EL4Kids - Author and Speaker says:

“Have you ever been told you talk too much? Yep, that’s me! Some call me A Talk-A-Holic! I am also a choc-o-holic! Silence for me is awkward. You could also apply that same label as a Christian, crafter, singer, writer, teacher, and dog lover. My husband, three ‘homegrown’ sons and two ‘prayed for and chosen’ sons’ put up with me! Sometimes I let God interrupt my wordy prayers…Yes, He speaks! God called me to the side of the road to meet this precious old lady named Elinor, saying, “Stop! She has a story!“ I wrote a fabled storybook about her! Freddy the Foster Frog is a book series about Elinor adopting a bunch of orphaned animal characters. Later the book project was funded by our Guardian Ad Litem.

Writing inspired poetry has become my favorite activity. It’s nice to have a place to store my words.”

Her friends say that Carol Gravante, first and foremost, is a child of Almighty God through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Filled with the Joy of the Holy Spirit, some describe her as “Supernaturally Social.” Giving God glory for all she is involved in is the core of her life. Carol is a writer of God-inspired poetry, songs and loves to tell His Glory Stories through Let's Talk Glory Stories on Facebook and YouTube. She is in the process of writing and publishing numerous books; that being said, it takes a village to help. Carol is grateful to God for sending so many amazing people to help make everything happen.

Carol’s goals include publishing Glory Stories, poetry from life experience, and her biography, “The Night Watch Chronicles”

The Gravante’s experience cumulating in adoption was the basis for Freddy the Foster Frog Book series. Carol is the wife of a wonderful husband, Joe, and is the mother of 5 extraordinary sons, all are chosen for them by God, of which 2 are adopted. She has 3 magnificent daughters-in-law and is "Nana" to 5 amazing grandchildren. (Fun Fact: She also loves dogs.) After becoming ‘empty-nesters, she and Joe hosted twenty-five 16-year-old foreign exchange students. This ultimately was preparation to bring in ‘forever teens’ into their home.

In her lifetime, Carol taught, tutored, and helped over 6,500 children of all ages. She served in the Air Force for 8 years, owned a licensed home daycare, Discovery Toy dealer, and her own fitness business, Wee R Fit, and craft business, Life’s Simple Pleasures. As Children’s Church leader in many capacities, she continues to lead children to an experiential encounter of the love and power of the Holy Spirit, guiding them into true freedom through Jesus Christ. Carol reads Freddy, the Foster Frog, as "GLAM GRAM" and speaking to groups concerning many topics as President of EL4KIDS. She also records poetry and songs given to her by God.

Deborah A. Hoffman, Ph.D. - Editor

Dr. Hoffman is an educator and health care provider. Her areas of expertise are in language arts studies (English as a Second Language), including disability and mental health with children, adolescents, and adult learners. She has also worked to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through advocacy, community outreach, and legislative action. As a nurse, she worked post-op care, including addiction rehab and acute psychiatric care for adolescents and adults. Dr. Hoffman works to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through advocacy, program development, community advocacy and outreach, and legislative advocacy.

Deborah also uses her experience and expertise in her writing, editing, and publishing endeavors to educate and enlighten others.

Kaelen Felix - Illustrator and Designer

You will notice Kaelen’s illustrations are vibrant and full of energy. Winning SABA 2020 Best Illustrator, for our work with Freddy the Foster Frog, is a highlight of her life and work. She’s also is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators since 2018. Fun facts: Kaelen knew at two years old she wanted to pursue this career. Her favorite color is green, and her last name represents Felix, the cat.

She first met Carol Gravante at a Kirkwood Choir reunion in 2014. They were reacquainted in Carol’s Kirkwood MO home. Carol hired her on the spot after seeing one of her portfolio works was exactly what she needed for one of her chapters…God Wink! Interning with 360 MAGAZINE this year she has now, years later, come very far growing in and accomplishing her artistic goals. See more of Kaelen's work and for further updates on Ms. Felix’s upcoming children’s books. or follow any of her social media accounts: @kaex_fx, @kaelix_fx, @Kaelenfelix (Linkedin)