How Can You Help?

Be creative,

1. Plan an EL4KIDS fundraising event to help the fostering and adopting families. Ideas: An Art Show, A Lemonade Stand, Meet the local Foster or Adoption Advocates, An Auction, A Golf Tournament, A Dinner, A Yard Sale, A Concert, A Puppet Show, etc.

2. Help with hosting children’s workshop events.

3. Donate your time with EL4KIDS with technology, social media, marketing, give an interview to share your experience, Product design…Video management.

Please send us an email with your ideas and stories. Your story will help and inspire others.

Any donation and the purchase of the “Freddy, the Foster Frog” book is an excellent way to help make a difference. These books will also touch the hearts of adults who were once in foster care or were adopted. When you read the book, other ideas may come to you.

Contact us. Tell us about your event, large or small. We want to hear from you. Email info@el4kids.org or 813-753-8338.