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Elinor Goes To Adoption School

The Freddy, The Foster Frog Books

These fabled stories, with a twist of rhyme, stimulate your imagination. Many Stories are a window, a door, or a mirror to reach into your life, or a loved one’s life story to explore, inform, encourage, or heal.

“Books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange. These windows are also sliding glass doors, and readers have only to walk through in imagination to become part of whatever world has been created or recreated by the author. When lighting conditions are just right, however, a window can also be a mirror. Literature transforms the human experience and its reflections back to us. We can see our own lives and experiences as part of a larger human experience. Reading, then, becomes a means of self-affirmation, and readers often seek their mirrors in books.” ~ Rudine Sims Bishop

The Purpose

Freddy the Foster Frog Book is a proven way for children and adults to safely explore their memories and address fears resulting from childhood trauma. Learn how faith in our “Perfect Father,” and knowing and trusting Him, will significantly increase faith in humanity, heal attachment issues, and deepen true joy despite a traumatic life journey. The fable also shows how patience eases the stress-based response/impulses through understanding how pure Love and building relationships can heal the brokenness.

The Effect

Freddy’s fables reach deeply, but safely, into painful subjects with enchanting characters and amusing rhymes. The stories glance at numerous common trauma responses. And the reflection with the questions helps in the healing process. It contains some sad and scary parts, but fun and laughs as well.

Freddy the Foster Frog will be offered to foster families at donation for an ebook and accompanied by a curriculum/reflection mini workbook for all ages. Based on a children’s fabled story line, each chapter presents a “problem” and uncovers a moral in the solution.

The comprehension/reflection questions make it usable in any home, or educational setting (More under group Leaders Page.) From ages 6-106, readers will come to an understanding of the struggles the foster parents or foster and orphaned children face in this new life situation. Empathy, action and healing is the result.

This coordinating workbook and the game found at the end of book one can be found in our News or Product pages.

“I pray this story blesses, heals, creates laughter and tears, restores faith in action for the bigger cause, and encourages the readers and listeners to step out of their “limits” and help the foster children and orphans in any way they can. There are many ways to get involved. Just by purchasing Freddy, the Foster Frog, you provide funding directly to an adoptive family through the Promise Love Foundation. 100% of their donations go to help adoptive families.”

~ Carol Gravante

Book 1 - Available Now!

Book 1 - Freddy the Foster Frog Finds a Friendly Family

Freddy’s hurt begins to heal through the power of love from a 93-year-old foster/adoptive mom.

Amazon reviews:

  • “The book is amazing! …easy to read…beautiful message…for all human beings.”

  • “I positively looooove this book! Coming from a foster care background, I find this work both delightfully and aesthetically pleasing in its illustration and determined in its plot. …beautifully symbolic and real tale in this froggy family fairyland.”

  • “I highly recommend this book to anyone…letting go of the past and being open to what the future has to offer.”

  • “I ordered “Freddy the Foster Frog” to donate to our library…”

  • “This book brings to light a subject not often discussed but very necessary to teach our children about…Provides an opportunity to start a dialog…the illustrations are beautiful and the lyrical rhythm of the story provies a great read aloud experience.”

  • “…The book is perfect for anyone who is fostering or adopting a child.”

  • “…My grandchildren have learned so much about adoption and God’s love.”

Excerpts from Book 1 - Freddy, The Foster Frog

One evening many, many months ago,

after watching her favorite game show,

Elinor found a little frog,

hiding behind the trash.

Sadly, his eye had a large gash…

This fabled story with ‘A twist of rhyme’

is something you’ll not often find.

Animals and rhymes are used to create a very safe place,

to explore deep emotions and seek God’s grace.

To safely looking through a troubled past,

we highly suggest you not go very fast.

The slower you go and the deeper you dig,

to dig out those splinters that are big as a twig.

We tell the end of the story right from the start,

because those reading this have a big heart.

There are some sad parts and scary parts too,

also fun and laughs as Freddy grew.

At times Freddy is angry or in a state of fright,

like when facing the slide’s height or the darkness at night.

It’s much easier with animals and rhyme to recall painful

memories one at a time. This is a fabled story about Freddy,

the frog, with a troubled life and how kind, old Elinor saved him from further strife.

You’ll see life through Freddy’s eyes and learn a lot from Elinor.

Take it slowly as your heart will mightily stir.

While reading this story, you might find yourself

wandering down your own rabbit trail...

so, let the story lead you so God’s plan can prevail.

As memories arise, you can heal from the past,

To become free from the pain that does not have to last.

Book 2 - Coming Soon ...

Book 2 - Freddy the Foster Frog Finds a Forever Family

A Fabled Story  with a Twist of Rhyme. When Freddy finds a forever Love from God who can heal his heart in the here and now.

Highlights in this Episode:

  • Freddy teaches Elinor to overcome the fear of going into the water.

  • The children do their best to help Freddy fit in

  • The social worker thinks Elinor and Freddy are a good fit.

  • Friends give good advice

  • Elinor helps them find faith in God.

  • Adoption day! Freddy is welcomed into the family.

  • Finally, Freddy says, “I love you.”

Book 3 - Coming Soon ...

Book 3 - Freddy the Foster Frog Finds Freedom in Forgiveness

A Fabled Story with a Twist of Rhyme. Freddy learns how forgiving his first family opens the way to a fabulous future.

Highlights in this Episode:

  • Freddy Finds Finn, a Former Friend

  • Finn’s Tears Fall but are Caught by God

  • Freddy’s Mom Dies and his Family Supports him with Prayer.

  • Elinor Helps Finn Pray and Hear God

  • Freddy Finds He’s Afraid of School

  • Freddy Finds They Need Each Other

  • Freddy Forgives his Father

  • Freddy Finds out Elinor is Afraid

  • Freddy Finds that his Friends have Fun

  • Freddy Finds More Fun with Elinor

  • Freddy Finds Fun Forming a Band Named “NEVER RETREAT”