The Actual Story Behind The Inspiration

It began one day, when Elinor, age 89, and the author, Carol, were going to take one of their daily walks. Carol had a “God thought.” She heard in her spirit, “Give your frog to Elinor. He’s lonely.” There was a mental tug-of-war. “I want to keep him to be honest because I like him,” she remembers saying out loud. But, she was convinced by more thoughts, that Elinor would give him more attention. She had hundreds of these types of “babies” either large or small, and stuffed, metal or ceramic.” I brought my giant green frog to give to her and then heard another God thought, “Put the frog by the street trash can, this is a significant adoption story, start taking pictures.” I followed the impulse. Elinor found the frog by the trash can, and the photoshoot began. She wanted to take him home to join all her other animal friends she had ‘adopted.’

Then there came an incredibly intense thought. This was going to raise money for adoptions. I knew the ‘first’ foundation that would benefit. I was a nanny for a family that adopted two kids and started the Promise Love Foundation. Holly had just been telling me about it. Following God’s leading and encouraged by the mutual excitement about another photoshoot. I took pictures of the frog, newly named Freddy, besides Elinor by the trash, but now added; Freddy riding in Elinor’s walker, playing on a log, riding with her on her stationary bicycle in the garage, cooking at the kitchen stove, and reading the Bible together, etc. Though the years went by, the exciting growth of the storyline with each new chapter did not fade. More photo ideas captivated our thoughts and imaginations. Goddard School in Wesley Chapel allowed a photo session in their classroom and B3 Medical approved a photoshoot with the nurse. There were trips to the park to fly a kite, shopping, the playground, cleaning the house, playing hide and seek, picnics, Vacation Bible School at Bridgeway Church with the kids. The Christmas photos with Santa captured the fun at Concordia Village of Tampa Bay. We began to read the finished story to children in classes and followed by playing games, like leapfrog. We read it to groups of seniors, and they loved the story too. Everyone continues to love Freddy and Elinor!