The Non-Profit Corporation  


EL4Kids is a non-profit organization with a dual mission. We are dedicated to raising money for adoptions and bring healing to the hurting. Freddy's book 1 helps fund adoptions but EL4KIDS also is dedicated to speaking to organizations and leading workshops. We help heal the hearts of children who have experienced being in traumatic situations. The Children's Adoption fable also acts as a "Window, Door and Mirror" to quote Rudine Sims Bishop. As readers find personal, emotional, and spiritual healing through the storyline, they address the trauma from their past. There are personal reflection questions to guide in the discovery of the relatable deeper meaning in the text. As you reach into your own or a loved one's life story, this can help to explore, inform, encourage, or at the very best heal.  Whether homeless, full of fear, abandoned, abused, fostered, aged out of the system, or adopted and never reconciling their feelings. The list could go on and on as to the root of sadness, fears, hang-ups, and addictions."


Our ultimate goal is for God's healing LOVE to make a difference in the lives of children so they can SHINE!


We raise money for adoptions through the sale of our therapeutic fable storybook. “Freddy, the Foster Frog” goes through a journey many kids around the nation are going through right now. The books help with the communication of feelings, give hope, and point to solutions. Part of our mission is to help children heal from the challenges they face.


We also linked the PromiseLoveFoundation.Org is an organization that will help to raise funds so you can adopt a child and give them a forever family. National Adoption Consultants help families navigate the adoption system.   Note: 50% of new foster families quit because of a lack of support.

The Actual Story Behind The Inspiration

It began one day, like Elinor, age 89.5, and the author, Carol, was going to take one of their daily walks. Carol had a “God thought.” She heard in her spirit, “Give your frog to Elinor. He’s lonely.” Into Carol’s mind came this tug-of-war read more